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By entering wheelswingsandsails, usofyu, YuPhoto, websites you agree to be bound by this agreement. 

This is agreement between you (“User”, “Licensee”) and us (wheelswingsandsails, usofyu, YuPhoto, “we”, “our”, IG&G) and you understand and agree with this agreement. 

This agreement applies to you, and if you are using this web site as an employee, this agreement applies to you and your employer. IG&G reserves the right to change this agreement from time to time without prior notice, so you should check these legal pages periodically. If you do not agree with this agreement, do not use this site or download or use any content of this website and you should leave this website immediately. 


Use of content of the IG&G Corp websites


This site is owned and operated by IG&G Corp. The design and layout and all content of this website, images, video, sound, text, graphics, photographs, illustrations, animation, film, and website itself is owned by IG&G Corp. or our subsidiaries.


All content displayed on this website and design and layout of website itself are protected by US, Canada and international copyright laws. Access to wheelswingsandsails, usofyu, YuPhoto photographs and any other material posted on our website does not entitle you to use this material. You shall buy a license on the royalty free or right managed basis before you use any content of this site for commercial, public, or any other purpose. License obtain from IG&G Corp. are on non exclusive, non transferable and one time basis with limitation of use, time period, region, size, print run and other limitation stated in invoice, this agreement or separate contract between you and us. You agree and understand that, after paying fee, all material delivered to you by any form are licensed, not sold to you, for use pursuant to the terms of this agreement. 


You also understand and agree that we monitoring anything you download from our web sites (wheelswingsandsails, usofyu,YuPhoto), specially, whoever downloads more than 20 photos per day. Any potential abuse or violations of this agreement, a username and password, or limit downloads to a fixed amount of total downloads per 24 hour period will result of immediate termination of your account and all licenses granted to you without notice. Upon termination you must stop using IG&G Corp. websites and all content ever purchased or download from wheelswingsandsails, usofyu, YuPhoto and you will be asked to delete all content ever received from us (wheelswingsandsails, usofyu, YuPhoto) by any way/media, you will lose all rights granted to you by IG&G Corp. and forfeit all fees paid. All necessary legal action against you will be taken accordingly.


All wheelswingsandsails, usofyu, YuPhoto photographs and any other licensed material contain restrictions. Restrictions without limitation can be geographic territory of use, time, purpose, content and industry. Use of any material contrary to a listed restriction is prohibited. If you do not understand or are unsure in any restriction, you must contact wheelswingsandsails, usofyu,YuPhoto or IG&G Corp. prior to download or use of any material.


Any unlawful use of licensed content is strictly prohibited whether directly or in context or juxtaposition with other material. Usage of this web site and all its content, (pictures, sound, film, illustration, animation, video content, text, design etc.) for pornography, child or underage pornography, child abuse or any other illegal content related with underage persons is also strictly prohibited and can not be granted by any circumstances.


Usage of any licenses granted material are your solely responsibility. You agree not to use of wheelswingsandsails, usofyu, YuPhoto content in potentially controversial or sensitive subjects without YuPhoto separate written agreement. All wheelswingsandsails, usofyu, YuPhoto material may not be changed by any circumstances without our written permission. 

Under certain circumstances we would grant you the right to use material from wheelswingsandsails, usofyu, YuPhoto for free. Please contact us in writing.


Royalty free content


Paying license fee for royalty free content you will be granted right to use our content on non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable basis with limitation stated in this agreement and terms and conditions. Buying the license for royalty free content from wheelswingsandsails, usofyu, YuPhoto user may use it an unlimited number of time in printed material, magazines, newspapers, books, disc and tape covers, catalogs, promotional materials, editorial materials and reports, advertising campaign, video and multimedia material websites with max resolution of 72ppi, tv and theatrical exhibitions. Displaying electronically may not exceed size of 600x400p. You may not use wheelswingsandsails, usofyu, YuPhoto royalty free material for postcard, posters, greeting cards, and calendars or included into these items, which will be resale as retail products. Royalty free license granted to you by this agreement are for time period of six (6)months, one(1), two(2) or three(3) years as is stated in your invoice. wheelswingsandsails, usofyu, YuPhoto material may not be posted online in the way that to be downloaded. Any other uses have to be approved by us in writing.


This license authorize maximum of ten(10) persons can use our material any time. 

When is our material posted on the servers maximum ten (10) people may use our content simultaneously or not. 

Wheelswingsandsails, usofyu, YuPhoto material shall not be used or incorporated in a logo, trademark, or service mark. You shall not use wheelswingsandsails, usofyu, YuPhoto content in the way that suggest or associate with brand, trademark or product. We are not giving you right or warranties for wheelswingsandsails, usofyu, YuPhoto material, which contain any architecture or works of art, names, or any other protected, unprotected or copyrighted content. 


Right-managed content 


Wheelswingsandsails, usofyu, YuPhoto web site has material, which is marked as a right managed. To obtain right to use such a material, you, buyers need to provide us with certain information about further usage of our right managed content. Fee for wheelswingsandsails, usofyu, YuPhoto right managed content depend of nature of usage and will be calculated by several factors: media of use (medium), size of the material, print run, geography location, intended of use, period of time. Paying right managed license fee we will grants you non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub licensable right to use and reproduce wheelswingsandsails, usofyu, YuPhoto content stated in the invoice. You agree to use our content limited by restriction specified in the invoice. Wheelswingsandsails, usofyu, YuPhoto provides you with this site and it’s content on an “as is” basis. we, wheelswingsandsails, usofyu, YuPhoto, makes no warranty, regarding our material and the accuracy of any information on our website. 


YuPhoto inc, our suppliers, or any third parties mentioned on this website will not be liable for any kind of damages whatsoever arising from the use of this site, or inability to use our website and its content including, without limitation, indirect, direct, incidental and consequential damages. We are not warranted the functions of this website and our recording media to be uninterrupted or without error. We reserve the right to change our website, all content featured on this website and this agreement without notice. To see our material without watermark you have to log on. Before you entering non-watermark pages whether you browsing or buying license from us you will be asked for certain information including name, address, phone number and email address. We will not collect, disclose, share, lease or sale your information to any third part. We will disclose your information only in legal proceedings when and where is such information is necessary and relevant. All claims shall be litigated in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


IG&G Corp.

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